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Wisam Sharieff
Founder of Advocating Quranic Literacy (AQL)

Imam Wisam Sharieff is the founder and CEO of AQL, Advocating Quranic Literacy (aqlu.org), an institute focused on educating people and communities on how to read, recite, reflect upon, and retain the Quran. He is also the co-founder and academic chairman of Quran Revolution (quranrevolution.com), the most comprehensive and authentic Quran studies program available online anywhere in the world. He has taught over 20,000 students worldwide through workshops, traveling seminars, online instruction, and his studies at home and abroad. Imam Wisam is a teacher, a Qari, and a public speaker whose vision is to bring the Book and Message of Allah to people around the world. Imam Wisam began his Islamic education at the Institute of Islamic Education (IIE) in Elgin, Illinois. He then continued at the Quran Academy in Lahore, Pakistan, under the personal guidance of Dr. Israr Ahmed (R), graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Arabic grammar and a minor in Arabic literature. Imam Wisam has studied under scholars in Makkah and in Egypt. He recently completed his ijazah in Ashara Qiraat, or the study of the varying recitations of the Quran, under the guidance of Sheikh Uthman Khan. He is also a certified radiology technician.


Hafidh - Islamic Institute of Education (Chicago, USA) B.A. Arabic Grammar - Quran College (Lahore, Pakistan) Ijaza - Sheikh Ali Anwar - (Alexandria, Egypt)

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“The Quran is not only a book of guidance; Allah wrote us a 632-page love Letter.”