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  • Дата рождения
    30 januari 1973 (49 год)
  • Место рождения
  • Образование
    Madrasah "Arab World"
  • Должность
    Imam hatyb the mosque "yardem"

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Bayazitov Ildar The A. R.
Имам-хатыйб мечети "Ярдэм"

A graduate of the faculty of Russian Philology Elabuga pedagogical Institute, former correspondent, and later ex — acting Deputy heads.Leninogorsk editor of the newspaper "New wave".In the past the employee Mukhtasibata Leninogorsk district. Zakabannaya studied in the madrasas of Kazan in the years 1995-1997, and then another two years in Bukhara madrasah "Arab World".In 1998 she moved to Kazan.

Трудовая деятельность

Under his leadership, the mosque "Suleiman" has ranked among the best organizations of Russia in the field of volunteerism and won in the nomination "volunteering in religious organizations" in 2008.Newspaper "Orient Express" called it a "crisis Imam" for what he managed for two years to strengthen the Muslim community in the area of the mosque "Suleiman". When it appeared the Dating service, the newspaper "Islam", the mosque opened a training centre Hafiz – scholars of the Koran, regularly hosts camps for children, various charity dinners and other promotions, you work with the deaf, the blind, children with deviant behavior.

Звания и должности

Deputy mufti of Tatarstan
head of social projects of Imam-hatyb the mosque "yardem",
Chairman of the Board of the Fund "Yardem"
member of the public Council under the MIA of RT,
member of the Supervisory Board of the Foundation named after Angela Vavilova,
member of the working group of the municipality of interethnic and interfaith relations,
a member of the public Council of management of Federal service on control over drug trafficking of the Russian Federation on RT
member of the Board of Trustees of the Kazan rehabilitation centre for children with disabilities "April",
member of the editorial Board of the information Agency "Islamiat"
the founder of the information Agency "info Islam", "Tatar Islam", "Surisan".


The winner in the nominations "Imam of the year" and "Tatar of the year" for 2012, "philanthropist of the year 2013"
diploma of Kazan, signed by the mayor of Kazan I. R. Metshin by
letter of thanks of the mayor of Kazan I. R. Metshin
letter of thanks of the Minister of Culture of the Chechen Republic T. A. musakaev
letter of thanks of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Chechen Republic And L. Magomadov
a letter of thanks to the Chairman of the MRB RT, mufti Gusman Iskhakov
thank you letter Mukhtasiba of the city of Kazan Mansur Hazrat Jalaleddin
letter of Chairman MO all-Russian Society for the blind, N.In. Kolesnikova, etc.
letter of thanks of the Head of the Ingush Republic, Yunus-Bek Yevkurov
letter of thanks of the Head of Kirovsky and Moskovsky districts of Kazan And D. Fattakhova

Личная жизнь

Married, with 2 daughters.

About Muslims

“While the rest of the people think that Muslim is a strangely dressed man with a scraggly beard, mutual understanding will be no more.”