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  • Дата рождения
    15 september 1959 (62 год)
  • Место рождения
    village inkho Gumbetovskogo district of Dagestan ASSR
  • Образование
    Religious education received at home.
  • Компания
    The spiritual administration of Muslims of the Republic of Dagestan
  • Должность
    Physical Education And Sports Actively Osmonaliev Of The Republic Of Dagestan

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Abdullaev, Ahm Can Magomedovich
муфтий Республики Дагестан

Ahmad Haji Abdullayev was born on 15 Sep 1959 in Dagestan ASSR, in the village of inkho Gumbetovskogo district. From the earliest years of Akhmad-Hadji studied the Arabic language and the basics of the Islamic religion. His family always kept the atmosphere of devotion, faith and religion, even in Soviet times, when the believers were officially persecuted, his family kept their faith and were not afraid to raise children according to the precepts of their religion. Haji Ahmad is the grandson of the famous Sufi Sheikh of the Naqshbandi tarikats and Casalicchio Abdulhamid-Afandi.

Трудовая деятельность

In 1991, Ahmad-Haji was the Imam of a mosque in the Kizilyurt district. Since 1992, began teaching at the Islamic Institute in Kizilyurt, where he held the post of rector. In 1998, the Council of ulama of Dagestan Ahmad-Haji Abdulayev was unanimously elected mufti and Chairman of the Spiritual administration of Muslims of Dagestan.In 2010, Ahmad Abdullayev received from said Afandi of Chirkey degree of spiritual mentor (Ejaz), but the direction of the murids is not engaged. After the death of said Afandi of Chirkey, his successor Abduljalil-Afandi made a commandment (AMR) Ahmad Abdulayev instruct Muradov 2013, the mufti of Dagestan Shaykh Ahmad Haji Afandi Abdulaev has been named the Keeper of the Holy relics of the Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) and was conveyed to him and the relics including the blessed hair of the Prophet (pbuh).


In 2009 he was awarded the Order "For merits before the Republic of Dagestan".in 2015. awarded "Gold Star" on the title: the people's Hero of Dagestan.

Личная жизнь

Is married to Ainhoa (Patimat) Gamzatova.