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    Muslim American Leadership Alliance
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    Co-founder, Chair

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Zainab Zeb Khan
Co- Founder at Muslim American Leadership Alliance

Zainab Zeb Khan is a visual artist, activist and humanitarian. She works proactively to address global social justice issues to remove barriers that people face because of gender, age, race, ethnicity, religion, culture or disability. She creates statement pieces that are influenced by history and current affairs. Zainab Zeb Khan serves as the President of MALA: Muslim American Leadership Alliance. She is a therapist, painter, and human rights advocate. Born in the US to Asian immigrants, she became an activist after eye-opening experiences counseling survivors of domestic violence and organizing exhibitions for artists facing repression. A former Senior Clinician holding a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, Zainab also co-curated the International Museum of Women’s exhibition “Muslimah: Muslim Women’s Arts and Voices” and served as a United Nations Association delegate to the 59th Commission on the Status of Women. The YWCA Chicago gave her its 2014 Racial & Social Justice Award. Zainab has published in The Daily Beast about young Muslim-Americans’ struggles with bigotry; written about gender-based violence for No Ceilings; featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine; and appeared in the documentary Honor Diaries. She gave a notable TEDx talk, “How to Fight Injustice Without Saying a Word”. Zainab is honored as a “Global Hero” for Safe Magazine’s 2015 issue, and is recognized as one of Fortune Magazine’s 2015 Most Powerful Women Next Gen. Zainab was honored by Aga Khan University’s Muslim Woman of Peace for 2015. She coordinates the “Muslim American Journeys” project with NPR’s StoryCorps. She was also a featured speaker at the Conference of World Affairs 2016. Zainab is the recipient of UNICEF’s Inaugural Humanitarian Award for 2016.


UNICEF’s Inaugural Humanitarian Award for 2016 YWCA Chicago Racial and Social Justice Award 2014 Aga Khan University Muslim Woman of Peace Safe Magazine Global Hero 2015

Thoughts on Empowerment

“When that avenue is not allowed, there’s like this internal clogging. When we share our experiences through art, it is empowering.”