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  • Tarikh Lahir
    Ноя. 30, 1956 (65 год)
  • Место рождения
    Buguruslan Orenburg region.
  • Образование
    Saint-Petersburg state engineering-economic University
  • Компания
    group of companies - real estate Agency
  • Должность
    Founder and President

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Shangareev Ismagil Kalanovic
Founder and President of group of companies - real estate Agency

Ismagil Kalanovic Shangareev public figure, culture expert, academician of the Eurasian Academy of Television and Radio (eatr) has three higher education: Saint-Petersburg state engineering-economic University (speciality "Economy and management at enterprise (tourism and hotel business"), (masters) Saint Petersburg state University of culture and arts (qualification "Director of show programs on a speciality "direction of the dramatized representations and holidays")- Kazan national research technological University (qualification: Economist-Manager on a speciality "Economy and management at enterprises"). Fond of Tatar Philology and is fluent in the Turkic family of languages, also Russian and Arabic. He is the author of fundamental work, based on conversations with Nurali Latypov - "Islam and Peace". In the 90 years in exalted dignity of mufti, the head of the Central spiritual administration of Muslims of Orenburg region, supervised the construction of religious buildings – mosques and schools-Muslim schools, madrassas. Since 2006 Ismagil Shangareev lives and works in the United Arab Emirates.


In 2015, shown patriotism and active public activity aimed at enhancing the authority of the Russian Federation abroad, was presented an award by the Interstate Union of hero Cities and Cities of Military Glory, to the order "Duty and Honor". Ismagil Shangareev is a sponsor of the Russian Diaspora in the United Arab Emirates.

Личная жизнь

Ismagil Shangareev married, has a large family – eleven children and nine grandchildren. Public and business activities of Ismaila shangareeva in the United Arab Emirates - in fact a family matter, a part of the educational process, which involved all the children and grandchildren. While Ismagil Kalanovic, in the education of children adheres to the national customs and traditions, encourages the study of the Tatar language, invited teachers-native speakers from Russia – Kazan and Ufa.