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  • Образование
    Osmania University Degree Name Master’s Degree Field Of Study Post Graduate Diploma in Child Psychology and Psychological Counseling Grade Distinction 2010 – 2011
  • Компания
    The Ideal Muslimah
  • Должность
    Founder and Editor-in-chief

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Shamsiya Noorul Quloob
Founder and editor-in-chief of The Ideal Muslimah

Shamsiya Noorul Quloob is a child psychologist by profession passionate to eradicate cultural impacts of abuse, gender constraints and recidivism in the Muslim community. She is also a marketing communications professional with experience in online marketing, sales and advertising and management. With a love for reading and background as writer, editor and content manager, Shamsiya went on to become the founder and editor-in-chief of The Ideal Muslimah, an online publication that covers Islamic knowledge and the issues faced in the Muslims community. The team is comprised of over 150 volunteers, of which Shamsiya also manages.

Трудовая деятельность

Marketing Manager, Founder and Editor in Chief Company NameThe Ideal Muslimah Dates EmployedNov 2009 – Present Employment Duration7 yrs 9 months Location- United States Digital Marketing and Sales Manager Company Name- Islamic Online University Dates EmployedJan 2012 – Present Employment Duration5 yrs 7 months Location- Gambia Digital Marketing and Sales Manager Company Name- Pure Matrimony Dates Employed Jan 2014 – Present Employment Duration3 yrs 7 months Location- London, United Kingdom Guest Author and Book Reviewer Company Name- ProductiveMuslim Dates EmployedJun 2013 – Oct 2013 Employment Duration5 months Location- London, United Kingdom Editor in Chief and Author Company NameHabibi Halaqas Dates EmployedAug 2010 – Oct 2013 Employment Duration3 yrs 3 months Location- Toronto, Canada Area

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