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  • Tarikh Lahir
    Авг. 6, 1982 (40 год)
  • Место рождения
    with Aksenovo Republic of Mordovia
  • Образование
    The Islamic University in Medina
  • Должность
    The Mufti Of The Republic Of Mordovia

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Shafiev Fahim The Fatikhovich
Муфтий Республики Мордовия

Born August 6, 1982 in the village Aksenovo lyambirsky district of the Republic of Mordovia. He graduated from the Islamic University of Madinah in 2003.

Трудовая деятельность

A member of the Public Council under the Federal service of execution of punishments on Republic Mordovia. Since 2007 — member of the Board of the Regional national-cultural autonomy of Tatars of the Republic of Mordovia yaktashlar. Since 2011 – member of the Board of the local government RM yaktashlar ("Countrymen"). Since 2011 – Chairman of "the Muslim youth Union of Russia".

About the history

“I believe unworthy to be a citizen of Russia, who are shy about their history. Our country has survived much: the rise, decline, and war, and famine, and progress. But we have to accept everything as it is.”