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    Columbia University Class of 2005 · International Affairs/Economics · New York, New York
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    Ilyas and Duck
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Omar S. Khawaja
Creator and author of ‘Ilyas and Duck’

Omar S. Khawaja is the creator and award-winning author of the exciting ‘Ilyas and Duck’ children's book series for young Muslim kids and the founder of Little Big Kids. Khawaja originally wrote ‘Ilyas and Duck’ to help his own kids gain an appreciation of their culture and values, but he quickly realized how these characters had the ability to make an impact on children of all backgrounds. He then created Little Big Kids, the first US brand to offer parents a wide range of culturally inspired products for kids of all backgrounds. Little Big Kids incorporate beautiful Arabic and Islamic inspired themes into common products that are an everyday part of a child’s life, both online and offline.

Трудовая деятельность

Ilyas and Duck Creator · 2012 to present Ilyas and Duck ask simple yet profound questions about the world around them. Through exciting adventures and stories, the dynamic duo deliver wholesome messages to kids that are consistent with Islamic values. Little BIG Kids Founder (company) · 2007 to present a cultural lifestyle brand for kids centered on Arabic and Islamic themes KPMG Director · April 2006 to present · Tysons Corner, Virginia Credit Risk Estee Lauder Package Development · New York, New York

About Development

“Our kids today need to begin forming an awareness of their future much earlier than the traditional "education to job" system under which many of us were raised”