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    Yale University - Yale School of Management Yale World Fellow 2009 – 2009 King Saud University ABD, PhD candidate Field Of Study English Literature (Arab-American Women Literature) Grade ABD 2001 – 2007 Stanford University Executive Education Field Of Study Philanthropy 2006 – 2006
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    Haute Elan
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Muna AbuSulayman
Partner with Haute Elan

Muna AbuSulayman is an award-winning Arab Muslim media personality and international speaker who speaks and writes about issues related to society, women rights, community development, media, and building bridges of understanding between the East and West. She is the former founding Secretary General of the Alwaleed Bin Talal Foundation and became the first woman from Saudi Arabia to be appointed by the United Nations Development Program as a Goodwill Ambassador. AbuSulayman received the Achievements in Regional and International Relations Award in 2007 and was named one of the most influential Muslims in the world in 2009. She is also an Advisory board member of the Muslim Women’s Fund, a member of Soliya, serves in the Advisory Board of Meedan, a premier content translation website service for Arabic. She has also served as a volunteer director for the Friends of Saudi Arabia Association and remains a member of the Saudi Media Association. Her large digital influence breaks the stereotypes of Saudi woman while redefining what it means to be a modern Muslim woman.

Трудовая деятельность

Partner Haute Elan Feb 2016 – Present Member of the Board The Industrial Group Jan 2016 – Present Dubai, UAE Board member Meedan.com Jan 2013 – Present Middle East and US Board Member and partner Glowork 2011 – Present Saudi Arabia Host Kalam Nawaem Show MBC Network Jan 2002 – Present Beirut/Dubai


Award in 2007 and was named one of the most influential Muslims in the world in 2009

Thoughts on Saudi Women.

“There really is a tangible feeling of change and I am really excited about what the future holds for Saudi women.”