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  • Tarikh Lahir
    Март 13, 1965 (56 год)
  • Место рождения
  • Компания
    Association of public associations "Assembly"
  • Должность
    The Chairman of the AEO "Meeting"

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Muhammad Salahetdinov Abdulhaevich
Project Manager IslamNews.ru

Born March 13, 1965 in Moscow. In the Cathedral mosque of Moscow, in 1975, began to study Arabic and the basics of Islam. Studied with students from Muslim countries, who studied at Moscow universities.Since 1978, Salakhetdinov himself began to give lessons on the basics of Islam and Arabic language. Trained everyone in the future of the study group was organized by Jamaat, the main task of which was Islamic education.

Трудовая деятельность

In 1979-1982 years met with the Muslim leaders of Central Asia, the Volga region and North Caucasus. Despite the authoritarian Communist regime, was able to participate in the exchange of experience in the practice of educational activities.In 1982, he participated in the creation of the movement "SAF Islam" (the informal organization). This organization included representatives of Moscow, Central Russia, Leningrad, the Volga region and the Urals. The goal of the movement is to coordinate Islamic educational activities.When the country began restructuring the "SAF Islam" there is an opportunity to expand its activities. In the Moscow Cathedral mosque organization began to hold courses and lectures, while the imams and employees of the mosque treated him with suspicion. In those same years, was running the illegal publication of Muslim books, and on school holidays has organized dispatch of students in the Central Asian republics (Uzbekistan and Tajikistan) to study religious knowledge.Pupils "SAF Islam" are: Rais Bilyalov (Imam-Khatib of the Cathedral mosque of Moscow), Shamil Alyautdinov (Imam-Khatib of the Moscow Memorial mosque), Faiz Mukhametshin (Imam-Khatib of Izhevsk) and many others.During democratic reforms in Russia, which at that time lived more than 60 million Muslims, informal Muslim organisations, it was decided to legalize the Muslim activities and to organize the all-Union Islamic party.Salahutdinov was appointed curator for the Central district of Russia during the founding conference of the all-Union Islamic Revival party. He then became a member of the party Council.After the Soviet collapse, the TRS was semarapura. Salakhetdinov at the end of 1992 formed a public organization "Islamic club," which in 1993 was renamed the Islamic Congress of Russia.1993 (November) Salakhetdinov was elected to the post of Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee and the business Manager UCC DOOM (the Higher coordination centre of Spiritual managements of Muslims of Russia). Elected to this position, he was at the General meeting of imams from Dumas.During the work in CALF and UCC DOOM of Salakhetdinov participated in many international conferences and seminars held in several countries (Jordan, UK, Libya, Chad, Switzerland, Sudan, Hungary, Saudi Arabia, USA, Iran and other countries).In 1999 Salakhetdinov became the founder of information-analytical newspaper "Modern thought".

Звания и должности

Is President of Association of public associations "Assembly" since its inception. One of the directions of the Association is the activities of Information Agencies "Islamnews"