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  • Образование
    Edwards School of Business, University of Saskatchewan Masters of Business Administration (MBA) Marketing and Finance 2009 – 2010 Banff Centre for the Arts Creative media arts certificate Media Arts 1990 – 1991 University of Calgary Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)Major: New Media, Video Production, Painting; Minor: English Dates attended or expected graduation 1984 – 1989
  • Компания
    Milo Productions Inc. MILO PRODUCTIONS INC
  • Должность
    Founder & Director

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Michael Milo
Founder and Director at MILO PRODUCTIONS INC

Holding an MBA and a Bachelors of Fine Arts, Michael Milo has channeled his passion for business and creativity into founding Milo Productions Inc, a specialist in the production of children's television series produced for TV channels worldwide. In December 2013, Milo created Muslim Kids TV to specifically ensure halal, fun and educational content is easily available online for Muslim kids. Along with edutaining halal videos, Muslim Kids TV also offers an interactive online experience for children that includes a mini social media network, a web-app to study, recite and memorise Quranic verses, and various fun activities. Together with his wife, Milo has also created a unique, animated online web series for da’wah called ‘Mujeeb & Steve’. The web series gained popularity online for its new, light-hearted approach to the interfaith journey and understanding Islam.

Трудовая деятельность

Founder & Director Milo Productions Inc. MILO PRODUCTIONS INC Jan 2004 – Present CEO Muslim Kids TV 2014 – 2015 Multi-media Consultant Health Quality Council Jun 2011 – Mar 2014

Thoughts on Islam

“Islam is very important in my life. And I do like to give back to the Creator through working in media with a focus on children’s media.”