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    Wayne State University Law School Degree Name J.D. Field Of Study Law 2005 – 2008 Wayne State University Degree Name B.A. Field Of Study Sociology, English 2002 – 2005
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    Haute Hijab
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Melanie Elturk
CEO at Haute Hijab

Melanie Elturk is a lawyer-turned-fashion designer who is the CEO of Haute Hijab, an online brand for modest fashion. She is a regular contributor on ELLE.com, and has been featured in major media such as the New York Times, NBC Today, CBS News, USA Today, Buzzfeed as an industry expert in modest fashion. As a Muslim speaker, she has also been called to deliver talks in Malaysia, Italy, Nigeria, Istanbul and across America. Melanie aims empower hijab-wearing women worldwide, and in addition to her clothing and hijab line, she facilitates support for those struggling with hijab. By providing compelling and innovative products and connecting with her customers in a meaningful way, Melanie has propelled Haute Hijab from a cult favorite to a household name with a loyal following and dynamic social media presence.

Thoughts on Islam

“Hijab means the world to me. It’s an outward expression of what defines me as an individual – Islam.”