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  • Место рождения
    Mian Chanu, Khanewal, Pakistan
  • Образование
    Tariq Jameel received his Islamic education from Jamia Arabia, Raiwind.
  • Компания
    Tablighi Jamaat
  • Должность

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Maulana Tariq Jameel
Islamic scholar, Speaker, and preacher from Pakistan.

Maulana Tariq Jamil is a well known Islamic Scholar from Pakistan. He studied his Islamic education from Raiwind (Near Lahore ) Markaz of Tableeghi Jama'at He is a member of Tablighi Jamaat and a scholar who runs a Madrasa in Faisalabad, Pakistan. Tariq is listed as a popular Muslim speaker in the 2013/2014 edition of the book, ‘The Muslim 500’. He is also behind Muslim Youth, an online global da’wah network that amongst other online educational material, also provides and e-Fatwa section for Muslims to seek advice by submitting a question for a scholar to answer. The website is trilingual in English, Urdu and Arabic. Tariq’s audio lectures are also very popular and widely circulated on the internet. His large collection of video lectures is also available as an app on the App Store.


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