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  • Tarikh Lahir
    Май 9, 1980 (42 год)
  • Место рождения
    Samarkand, Uzbekistan
  • Образование
    Moscow Islamic Institute
  • Компания
    SP Kabilov O. K.
  • Должность

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Kabilov Olim Khamitovich
Social entrepreneur, co-author of "365 days of motivation"

Olim Kabilov was born on May 9, 1980 in the city of Samarkand, in one of the most ancient cities of Central Asia. The first entrepreneurial inclinations manifested itself in his childhood. At the age of 7 he began to engage in small sales. In his free time, he liked to walk around the city in search of something interesting, bought interesting novelties (toys) and sold them to his classmates. At the same time he managed to earn extra money by conductor in shuttle buses. From the 1st to the 11th grade, he was the head of the class and an activist in the school. In high school, he combined study and work on weekends, vacations were also devoted to work. And it was on his own initiative, he had such an unrestrained desire to constantly do something. He was rarely seen running with the ball in the yard, while he always maintained good friendships with his peers. But he liked to spend more time with the guys from the senior classes. Olim participated in school, district and city olympiads, taking prizes in such subjects as mathematics and computer science. In his youth he was a member of the youth organization Kamolot and at 13 he became deputy chairman for youth affairs in the city of Samarkand. After the collapse of the USSR, Kamolot sent Olima as a member of the group to Moscow on a business trip to strengthen ties with Russian youth. In 1994, he met with Moscow, then it was decided that he must return and enter the capital's university. So at the age of 16, Olim alone came to Moscow. Only once it did not happen to happen, because in life everything turned out to be more prosaic than it seemed. Did not succeed and the young guy had to look for work and housing. Labor activity was very diverse. I started working as a janitor, loader, waiter, cook. In 2000, entered the New Humanitarian University N. Nesterova at the Faculty of Law, studied for two years, combining studies and work. But for work he was offered promotion, Olim accepted the leadership proposal and took an academic leave. The study did not manage to continue at that moment, but this did not prevent him from succeeding in the service. Step by step, gradually rising up the career ladder, he was upgraded to the position of head of sales of a major trading company and commercial director of a wholesale company. Currently he is engaged in the creation of brands, websites, social projects and their promotion. He likes to engage in self-education, to walk outdoors, to cook deliciously and to communicate with people, leads and promotes a healthy lifestyle. Muslim. He passed a three-year training in the Moscow madrassah "Grace" and a four-year-old madrasah in Al-Fatih. In 2016 he entered the Moscow Islamic University and at the moment is a second-year student. He dreams of people knowing the truth about Islam, and even those who choose a different path had the right idea about our religion and, finally, forgot about the hostility and myths associated with terrorism. He implemented five of his successful projects at crowdsfunding venues (public funding) - "Calendar of 365 days of motivation", "365 days of pride and gratitude", "Muslim calendar 2017 - 365 days of motivation!", "Calendar 2017 with an erasing scratch-layer" Successful, which gathered a huge response in society and in social networks "A guide to Islam: changing stereotypes." Olim on this is not going to stop, because every person, in his words, should not only dream, but also act. Now Olim has a new interesting project with a doctor from Thailand, who developed a technique for drug-free treatment and health improvement.

Личная жизнь

married (Kabilova Natalia)

To be an example

“Each of us should be an example for others (family, children, neighbors, friends, relatives, etc.). To do this, at least, every day (with the understanding of those words), you need to repeat the ayah: "Allah will not change condition of people until they change what is in themselves". SV.Quran 13:11”