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Hodan Ibrahim
Founder Think Disrupt

Hodan Ibrahim is a serial entrepreneur, publisher, business consultant, personal development coach and blogger. She is the founder of Think Disrupt, a boutique digital marketing agency that works with mission-driven organizations and UmmahVenture, a business training and consultancy aimed at accelerating entrepreneurial development in minority community. She is also the co-owner of Qurtuba Publishing House, a publishing company aimed at providing relevant print and digital products for global urban Muslim consumers online and in retail outlets and selected stockists worldwide. As a digital influencer, Hodan has made an impact by initiating MPowered Summit, the world’s first entrepreneurship summit aimed at inspiring, empowering and connecting entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMES in the rapidly advancing Islamic Economy.

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Co-founder at Global Islamic Economy Entrepreneurship Convention and Managing Director at Elmangos

Thoughts on Islam

“Islam tells us to bow down to no one except God. So why don’t we do this in our economic lives? Why give up our independence?”