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  • Образование
    BPP Law School LPC 2006 – 2007 King's College London King's College London Law (LLB) 2003 – 2006 School for Creative Start-ups
  • Компания
    Shade 7
  • Должность
    Founder, managing director and author

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Hajera Memon
Founder, managing director and author at Shade 7

Hajera Memon is the founder, managing director and author at Shade 7 Publishing, a global, multilingual publisher that strives to creatively make a positive contribution to the world through novelty and activity books that help children learn more about religion in a fun way. With a background in banking and finance, Hajera decided to plunge into her passion for writing and entrepreneurship when a series of unexpected deaths within her local community ignited her to follow her dreams. Today, Shade 7 has published the world’s first, premium Quranic pop up book, ‘The Story of the Elephant’, and ‘My First Wudu Book’, a unique colour-changing bath book that transforms bath time into a fun activity to learn about wudu; both of which Hajera also authored. The books have been made available online, giving Muslims worldwide access to creative Islamic books the whole family can enjoy.

About Islam

“Bringing an element of creativity in teaching Islam is something I think is incredibly important.”