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  • Tarikh Lahir
    Окт. 12, 1930 (91 год)
  • Место рождения
    The Tatar ASSR
  • Образование
    Bukhara madrassah
  • Должность

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Gabdulhak Samatov
In the period prior to August 1992, Gabdulhak Hazrat Samatov was a recognized leader of Muslims of Tatarstan

Born in 1930 on October 12 in the village of Old Briceno Aksubaevsky district. For 17 years taking religious knowledge from Gabdulhak Hazrat Sadykov – known Muslim scholar in the Soviet time, and after went to study at the Bukhara madrasah "Mir-Arab". Worked as an Imam in the different cities of Tatarstan: Almetyevsk and Chistopol was one of the founders of the madrasa of the 1000th anniversary of adoption of Islam, which first operated in Chistopol and in 1991 moved to Kazan. br>
Since 1992 was the main muhtasibat of Tatarstan, working with the Mardzhani mosque, and then at the Congress of 1998, was elected chief Kazem Republic and remained so until 2006. Since 2006 he is honorary Kazem of Tatarstan. Was known to the Muslim community, hadrat as an outstanding preacher, with a deep knowledge of the Sharia. Released many books. Gabdulhak Hazrat Samatov died March 6 after a long illness at the age of 79 years.

Трудовая деятельность

In the period prior to August 1992, Gabdulhak Hazrat Samatov was a recognized leader of Muslims of Tatarstan, leading the Main muhtasibats management of RT. Gabdulhak Hazrat organized left in people's memory the first mass prayers on Muslim holidays the minaret Suumbike in the Kazan Kremlin. As a leader of Muslims, Hazrat Gabdulhak has responded to public issues. br>
Revealing the minutes of the meeting of the Kazan imams from 14.08.1991, it presents the strategic program of development of the Muslim community of the Republic for many years. In particular, proposed the establishment of the faculty of Sharia at the University, declaring Friday a day off and maybe the most urgent, then the important clause prohibiting distribution of unauthorized control of religious literature. Gabdulhak Hazrat and a split among the Muslim clergy was able to maintain its rightful place and win in the end a moral victory. He was elected in 1998 at the end of the period split the first Major Kazem of Tatarstan. br>
This highest religious post Gabdulhak Hazrat Samatov used for reports to the people the values typical for the Tatars the understanding of Islam. Being the Main Kazem Gabdulhak Hazrat Samatov answered a lot of the incoming questions on religion, he created a huge body of texts — an invaluable theological heritage. This array of texts, unfortunately, are not scientifically gathered and ndonesian entirely to the people.