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    MBA- University of Cambridge
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    Halal Gems
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Zohra Khaku
Founder and CEO of Halal Gems

Zohra Khaku is an entrepreneur, founder and editor of Halal Gems, the first interactive digital magazine for halal foodies that is also available as an app on the App Store and Play Store. Halal Gems combines cutting edge technology with beautiful design and unique content, providing its readers with in-depth interviews, restaurant showcases, trends in the halal food scene and events to indulge in the foodie life. Holding an MBA from the University of Cambridge, Khaku is also the producer of The Curious Foodie on BMTV.

About Development

“My vision for halal food is that one day, ‘halal’ will indicate the best quality, most ethically produced, fairly traded, wholesome, tayyib food available.”