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  • Date of birth
    March 25, 1933 (age 88)
  • Place of birth
    Sharipovo, Trinity County Orenburg province, Russian Empire
  • Education
    madrassah of the city of Troitsk
  • Company
    Madrasah city Troitsk
  • Role

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Zainulla Rasulev
The Imam of the mosque in city Troitsk

He was born March 25, 1833, in the village of Sharipovo, Orenburg province (now the Uchalinsky district of Bashkortostan) in the family of Mullah. Came from the Bashkir kind of Kuvakan. He studied at the madrasah in his native village, then other villages

Professional background

From 1858 — Imam-Khatib in the village of Akkuzha the Verkhneuralsk district of the Orenburg province (now also in Uchalinski district of Bashkortostan). As shakerdom, became interested in Sufism.In 1859 was ordained a member of the Sufi order Naqshbandiyya. The method of the mystical knowledge of the truth (Tariq) was perfected in Istanbul in the years 1869-1870, where he studied with Sheikh Ahmed Ziauddin Gumushkhanewi

Notable works

In 2009, in ucali opened the mosque the name of the Zaynulla Rasulev.
In 2008, the city of Ufa was called the street name of the Zaynulla Rasulev (former red army).
In 2016 in Dagestan, in Makhachkala, opened the mosque zaynulla name of Rasulov

Personal life

Son Gabdrakhman Rasulev, also became famous Bashkir religious figure. The grandson of Atilla Rasikh (Rasulev) — the known Tatar writer.