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  • Образование
    University of Hertfordshire HND graphic design Field Of Study Graphic Design, Communication Studies 1995 – 1997
  • Компания
    The Muslim Lifestyle Expo
  • Должность
    Founder and CEO

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Tahir Mirza
Founder and CEO at The Muslim Lifestyle Expo

Tahir Mirza is the founder of the award winning The Muslim Lifestyle Expo (MLE), which introduced a pioneering and dynamic events and marketing platform for businesses, brands, products and services to tap into the growing, affluent and brand loyal consumer market. He successfully launched the UK's first Muslim Lifestyle event in August 2015 that showcased the growing international consumer Muslim lifestyle and business sectors with exhibitors from Malaysia, Turkey, Norway and Singapore among others. MLE. Mirza was also an integral part of a dedicated team at MLE that launched MLE Connect, a B2B event for thought leaders and industry experts from across the business spectrum to connect, share, educate, discuss and network with key delegates from a global audience.

Трудовая деятельность

Founder The Muslim Lifestyle Expo Oct 2013 – Present United Kingdom Head of Design Dealogic Oct 2011 – Present London, United Kingdom

Thoughts on Life

“Whether as individuals or businesses, what matters is the relationship.”