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  • Образование
    The University of Manchester Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Computer Science 2002 – 2005
  • Компания
  • Должность
    founder and CEO

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Shahzad Younas
Founder and CEO of MuzMatch

Shahzad Younas left a 9-year career in investment banking to pursue his own dreams. The Muslim entrepreneur has now found success as the founder and CEO of MuzMatch, the first product that offers cutting-edge features for Muslim's looking to find their perfect marriage partner using their smartphones. Formerly a Vice President in Equity Portfolio Trading at investment bank Morgan Stanley for 9 years, Shahzad left to fully focus on building a high quality mobile app to help Muslims around the world to find their perfect marriage partner. He initially created a successful matrimonial website which he ran for over 2 years. The site led to a number of marriages, however Shahzad decided to create MuzMatch when he found that many professional Muslims needed something more powerful and more mobile.

About Development

“I always wanted to have my own enterprise, my own business, and do something that at least helps people.”