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  • Дата рождения
    May 5, 1985 (38 год)
  • Место рождения
    The village of Krasnogorsk Zvenigovsky district of the Mari ASSR
  • Образование
    Istanbul (Turkey) in the madrasah at the mosque "Ismail Agha" Sheikh Mahmoud al-UFI
  • Компания
    The spiritual administration of Muslims of the Republic of Tatarstan
  • Должность

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Samigullin, Kamil Iskanderovich
Plenipotentiary Representative Of The Government Of The Kyrgyz Republic Of Physical Culture And Sports Actively Osmonaliev

Религиозное образование:

2003 год — Северо-Кавказский исламский университет (Махачкала).

2004 — 2007 годы — медресе (Стамбул), становится Коран-хафизом (человеком, полностью знающим Коран наизусть), получает иджазу (свидетельство о возможности преподавания шариатских наук) с иснадом (непрерывной цепи преемственности до самого пророка Мухаммада (сгв), который проходит через Абу Ханифу) по фикху, усуль фикху, акыде, усуль хадису, хадису, хусну хатту, сарфу и нахву.

2008 — 2013 годы — шариатский факультет Российского исламского института. Получает иджазу на преподавание 6 сборников достоверных хадисов и по различным сборникам хадисов.

Кроме этого удостаивается иджазы по азану и иджазы преподавания всех книг Мухаммада Захида Каусари от его ученика Мухаммада Амина Сираджа.

Трудовая деятельность

During the period of leadership of the Spiritual administration of Muslims of Tatarstan Kamil Samigullin has been an active Muslim leader of the Republic, whose activities were aimed at positive changes in the Muslim community. Being very knowledgeable in the religious Sciences, knowing the various Oriental languages, he earned the respect among the Muslims of the country, and his sermons and books, published in Kazan, are very popular.

Thanks to his work on the post of mufti, Chairman of MRB RT, for a short period had done a great work in the area of strengthening the traditional religious values: respawn the theological writings of Russian Muslim clerics, in large editions, printed books, launched a unique Internet projects and software for smartphones. The aim is to facilitate the obtaining of information for people about their religion and its values.When Camille Samigullin in the DUM RT great attention began to be given to social service in this area is extensive work – open rehabilitation centers for various sectors of society and people with disabilities, no matter their religious affiliation.

In its activities, Kamil Samigullin is based on traditional Islam, which for centuries had served the ancestors of the landmark society and was formed due to historical circumstances while retaining core values and is based on interfaith harmony, tolerance and peace. Kamil Samigullin believes that only through the revival of traditional values and its rich theological heritage can achieve harmony in society, unity of views among the Muslims of Russia and to overcome differences in society.

Звания и должности

2007 — 2008 — Imam in the urban-type settlement Novoagansk, Nizhnevartovsk district of the Tyumen region.

In 2008 he was elected Imam of the mosque Tynychlyk (Kazan).

In 2011 he headed the publishing Department of the MRB RT. - Deputy mufti of scientific work, was a member of the Presidium of the MRB RT, a member of the Council of Ulema of MRB RT, adviser to the chief casia RT, head of the expert Council of the DUM of RT.

March 6, 2013 — the acting mufti of RT.

on April 17, 2013 — Chairman of the MRB RT, mufti of Tatarstan.

Fluent in Arabic and Turkish languages. Hobbies: Books, the study of the Tatar theological heritage.

the author of the following books: "anyone can become a Quran-Hafiz", "Eternal love", "Islam in questions and answers", "What do we know about the Jinn and their world", "the Muslim world". Translated the following books: "bad al Amali", "Kasyda muhammadiyah", "Subtotal of majalla" Abu Hanifa "Durrul maknun".

The sermons in Tatar language

“The Chechens aren't doing to someone in Russian? Even in Chechnya. All sermons are in the Chechen language 100 percent. We have the Republic of Tatarstan. If not for Tatar, on what?”