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Riz Ainuddin
COO and Co-Founder Code Army

Ainurizam Ainuddin, known as simply Riz, is an Entrepreneur, Lean Startup Coach, and Early Stage Startup Mentor and Advisor. He has experience co-founding Startups since 2010 and has worked with international advertising agencies, digital marketing agencies and as an independent UI/UX designer over 16+ years. He is the founder and CEO of IslamAudio, a free-to-use Islamic audio book app for the iOS. It started because of a problem where authentic knowledge of Islamic audio books were miles behind to other religions audio book, and time to read during commute to work as a professional. He is also a Cofounder, COO and Program Director of CodeArmy, an Accelerator name Project Brainchild in Malaysia coaching and mentoring Startups from ideation to growth stages.

Professional background Co-founder Petaling Jaya, Malaysia 2014 to present Project Brainchildwith PohSoon Tew and Zafrul Noordin April 2015 to present Popmycase Digital Director Shah Alam, Malaysia 5 May 2012 to April 2013

Thoughts on Productivity

“Start with the problem you want to solve in the world.”