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    Rafi-uddin has an MBA from UNC-Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, and a BSc. in marketing from Southwest State University, Minnesota, USA. He was born in Pakistan and spent 14 years of his early schooling in the Sultanate of Oman.
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    Dinar Standard
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    Founder and CEO of Dinar Standard

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Rafi-uddin Shikoh
CEO Dinar Standard

Rafi-uddin Shikoh is passionate about empowering businesses to become global brands with socially responsible impact. He is the Founder and CEO of DinarStandard, a specialized market research and advisory firm. Rafi-uddin has led thought leadership and strategies on empowering Islamic economies for global impact. Since 2008, Rafi-uddin has been advising global multi-nationals, Islamic financial institutions, Halal market startups and NGOs on market expansion analysis, business/investment strategy, and innovative marketing strategies.Prior to DinarStandard, Rafi-uddin has had 15 years of marketing strategy, e-business strategy, and technology management experience with small to Fortune 500 ranked companies. He had been a Vice President with Marsh Inc, a global risk-brokerage firm, where he led and successfully delivered multi-million dollar knowledge management and marketing technology related initiatives. He had previously served as a Senior e-Business Consultant at a Boston based firm. In addition, he has also served as a Marketing Director for a communications training and sports media consulting company.

Professional background

Рафи-уддин имеет степень MBA от университета Северной Каролины-Шарлотт, штат Северная Каролина, США, и степень бакалавра. в маркетинге с юго-западный Государственный Университет, штат Миннесота, США. Он родился в Пакистане и провели 14 лет своей ранней школьного образования в Султанате Оман.

Thoughts on Productivity

“We believe profitable and sustainable businesses are the greatest source of innovation and solutions in addressing human needs.”