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    Jan. 5, 1982 (age 39)
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    Победитель глобальной Исламской экономики Награды 2015Winner Австралийское правительство многонационального маркетинга Награды 2015Global Исламской экономики Награды 2014
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    Peter Gould
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Peter Gould
Designer, Creative Entrepreneur and Artist

Peter Gould is a designer, creative entrepreneur, artist and photographer whose work extends far beyond the borders of his native Australia. His innovative, award-winning work is highly sought after globally and it has touched millions with positive, inspirational creative projects. Peter Gould is also the co-founder and Chief Creative officer of Zileej, a pioneer in the new standard of games, toys and creative learning experiences for Muslims. In addition to teaching branding workshops internationally, Gould has spearheaded and been part of many businesses and projects that infuse Islamic values and influence, from launching his own apps & games, a clothing range, and several online creative platforms. Gould also constantly merges creativity and technology to create future-forward ideas, such as NoorGlass, a concept project in collaboration with Google Glass to improve one’s daily experience as a practising Muslim.

Professional background

Peter Gould is a unique influence behind many of the brands, creative projects, events and initiatives that have helped define the role of modern Islamic design thinking. His creative perspective has resulted in illuminating, memorable, mindful and vibrant positive experiences that have inspired audiences globally for more than a decade. This includes consulting and collaborating on strategic branding projects that pioneered the Global Islamic Economy. He has also actively served as a speaker, mentor and teacher for aspiring creatives & entrepreneurs. In 2016, Peter joined Zileej as Chief Creative Officer to develop a new generation of lifestyle brands, products and creative experiences for Muslims. Peter’s celebrated artistic approach can be described as a unique creative fusion exploring his personal journey over the last decade since embracing Islam, traveling from his native Australia to Muslim-majority countries and Arabic language study. His artwork & photography is found in the collections of diverse audiences including the Saudi Arabian Royal Family, the Prime Minister of Australia’s office, famed entrepreneurs, an embassy in Jakarta, and global celebrities. His work has been exhibited in dozens of galleries and at events around the world, from the prestigious Dolmabahçe Art Gallery in Istanbul to the Sharjah Islamic Arts Festival, and Islamic Arts Museum in Malaysia. Peter has founded and launched a number of innovative and popular online platforms designed to empower, engage and inspire people around the world. His website, for example, was launched in 2014 at the Dubai World Islamic Economic Forum and aims to showcase and connect Muslim change makers and creatives. His dedication to connecting Generation Z Muslims with positive, imaginative thinking via design & technology knowledge led to the creation of a free platform with over 30 unique STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) inspired activities. He also founded the breakthrough website, a free platform showcasing creativity, beauty and quality design from Muslim entrepreneurs around the world.

Notable works

Winner Global Islamic Economy Awards 2015 Winner Australian Government Multicultural Marketing Awards 2015 Global Islamic Economy Awards 2014 & 2013 (Islamic Art Finalist) Australian Government Multicultural Marketing Awards 2012 & 2013 Winner Small Business of the Year & Exporter of the Year

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