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  • Date of birth
    April 12, 1975 (age 46)
  • Place of birth
    in the village Eltay, Tolcinasco district of South Kazakhstan region.
  • Education
    1998-2003 – training in the state University named after M. Auezov, Shymkent city, South Kazakhstan region, in the specialty "historian"2010 — studies at the National University of Eurasia named after L. N. Gumilev faculty of Philology and a master's degree in the specialty "religious studies".
  • Company
    The Spiritual Administration Of Muslims Of Kazakhstan
  • Role
    the head of the Department "Standardization of Halal products", SAMK.

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Myrzagaliev Alibekuly Of Tatarstan
the head of the Department "Standardization of Halal products", SAMK.

2002-2005 — the Chief Imam of the mosque "Tolebay" in the area Thalmann, Shymkent city, South Kazakhstan region.2005-2010 — Naib Imam of the Central mosque "Nur-Astana" the city of Estanys 2007 on the combination performs the function of Deputy Director of the religious Association "Madrasah Astana".2007 - completed two month training course at the Academy, as well as teachers in Republic of Pakistan.2005-2010 — member of the branch of Kazakhstan International Bureau for the protection of human rights and observance of the law of the city of Astana, member of the Public Supervisory Commission of the criminal Executive System of the Ministry of Justice and member of the Republican propaganda-information group of the sbmc.From 16 June 2010 to 8 October 2014 authorised representative YUKO, the Chief Imam of the mosque "by A. Cattani," and the Director of madrasah "Shymkent".8 Oct 2014 – the head of the Department "Standardization of Halal products", SAMK.