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Kerim Ture
Founder and CEO of Modanisa

Kerim Ture is an entrepreneur and angel investor based in Turkey. He is the co-founder of Modanisa and managing partner of world's first, multi-brand fashion retail site that serves Muslim women who follow Islamic dressing codes. Since its launch in 2011, Modanisa has served 47 countries and 200 million Muslim women worldwide. Today, Modanisa attracts 7M visitors per month and works with 300+ brands, designers and serves to 75 countries. According to Thompson Reuters and Dinar Standard’s 2015 Report, is the most popular Muslim fashion e-commerce site in the world. Ture is also a partner at Istanbul Business School and Anbean AS, the mother company of Art-By-Chance, deemed to be one of the world's largest public art event.

Thoughts on Fashion.

“In five years, modest fashion is going to be mainstream, and it will also influence Western fashion.”