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Irfan Khairi
Involved with internet marketing and e-commerce

Irfan has been involved with internet marketing and e-commerce since 1999, deepening his knowledge through self-study through seminars and research from business authorities. By the age of 25, he became a millionaire. With his accumulated knowledge and experience, Irfan established Irfan Khairi Sdn Bhd, which has changed empowered thousands of people with the skills to earn a highly profitable living through online businesses and online marketing. Irfan is a firm believer that mindset is the key to building wealth and ensures teaches this crucial skillset in his material Irfan’s company, Irfan Khairi Sdn Bhd (IKSB), continues to make a serious impact, and has been one of the top Internet and e-marketing training centers in Malaysia since 2006. Irfan’s early success in adopting the right mindset and teaching himself business strategy is at the core of why he has been an inspiration to millions of people around the world.

About Humanity

“If you fail you have two choices. You can be weak, or you can get up stronger.”