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Haroon Moghul
Fellow in Jewish-Muslim Relations

Haroon is a television commentator, policy expert, public speaker and the author of the Order of Light (2004) and the upcoming How to be Muslim (2017). As a liberal academic, author and commentator on Islam and public affairs he has appeared on all major media networks, and his essays and reviews that have been published at Washington Post, TIME, CNN, Guardian, Foreign Policy and Haaretz, among others. His digital influence spreads through his commentary pieces published by numerous websites including The Huffington Post, Religion Dispatches, and Al Jazeera English, as well as through social media. Haroon is an author. He's the author of the upcoming memoir, "How to be a Muslim" (Beacon 2017). He's also the author of "My First Police State," a comic travelogue, and "The Order of Light," published by Penguin and translated into French by Le Cherche Midi. He's hard at work at a few more novels. This time it's science fiction. Haroon Moghul is a journalist and commentator. He's appeared on all major media networks, and his essays have been published by The Washington Post, Guardian, Salon, Foreign Policy, Haaretz, Boston Review and Quartz. He's a Senior Correspondent at Religion Dispatches. He writes about religion, identity and politics in a unique way. Haroon is a storyteller. He's a popular public speaker, having traveled to 33 states, speaking in universities, churches, mosques, synagogues, libraries and for a while he was even an expert tour guide. He's the President of Avenue Meem, a new media project whose first video series, "Confession," scored over 100,000 views and was featured by CNN. He wants to change the way we talk about religion and identity. Haroon is an expert on Islam and the Muslim world. He's currently a Fellow at the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding. Before that he was the Fellow in Muslim Politics and Societies at Fordham Law School's Center on National Security and a Fellow in the National Security Studies Program at New America Foundation. He was part of the inaugural class of the Muslim Leadership Initiative hosted by Jerusalem's Shalom Hartman Institute. He believes in the power of connecting communities and hearing each other's narratives.

Professional background

Fellow in Jewish-Muslim Relations Shalom Hartman Institute May 2016 – Present New York, NY Multicultural Audience Development Initiative The Metropolitan Museum of Art Mar 2011 – Present Senior Correspondent Religion Dispatches 2009 – Present

Thoughts on Islam

“Islamophobia is anything but rational, fair, or grounded. Like climate change denial, it masks real threats and makes it harder for us to deal with them.”