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Fuad Nahdi
Fuad Nahdi is a graduate from City University, London, at Centre for Journalism. He is not only the executive director of The Radical Middle Way but he has been a great contributor as a founding editor in Q News magazine. Since three decades, he has been not only a journalist but also a campaigner, thinker and an activist. His work is recognized all over in the UK and the Muslim world.

His magazine Q-News was founded in 1992 and was the first independent magazine for Muslims current affairs. It had a high standard for journalism and tackled every issue from mental health, HIV/AIDS, domestic violence as well as extremism. Fuad Nahdi studied Islamic Studies from Islamic African University, Sudan and in London from the School of Oriental and African Studies. He is currently a Senior Research Fellow at Muslim College London and he teaches adab al-ikhtilaf. He has also made his name to the world’s 500 most influential Muslims since 2009 in the publication by Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre. Even in the UK, he lists among 100 powerful Muslims in the UK in 2007 who had been making a remarkable contribution for the British Muslims. He also initiated for the Uniting for The Prophet events for which he also received award “Al Mahabba” in 2008 from the UAE government. Where there was a rise of violent extremism in British inner cities, Fuad Nahdi worked, promoted and created the journalism and media excellence to tackle these social and political issues. His contributions for media organizations have always been a highlight as he contributed for the much known Los Angeles Times, Arab News, The Nation, Africa Events, BBC World Service and many others. The famous newspapers like The Guardian, The Independent, The Economist, The New York Times, BBC, Channel 4 and many others have recognized his journalism. Fuad Nahdi has been seen showing a dedicated commitment towards his work and engagement. He was also the first one to discuss about Jewish-Muslim relation at Limmud in the 1990s. He had assisted late Shaykh Zaki Badawi and been involved in Three Faiths Forum for its success. He has even been appointed as a member of the Advisory Group. He received The Interfaith Gold Medallion in 2012 for his contributions and efforts to bring people of different faith closer together. He has also been a member of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Listening Initiative for Christian Muslim Relations from 2001 – 2004 and he became the adviser till 2009, when Christian Muslim Forum was found. Fuad Nahdi has always been a critical thinker and has portrayed visionary thinking about public affairs to analyze them. He is one of the figures who has played a role to create a just and tolerant society among different faiths in a diverse Muslim community.