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Fazal Bahardeen
CEO of HalalTrip, an Islamic travel guide

After a 20-year corporate career, Fazal Bahardeen ventured into entrepreneurship to change the way Muslims travel. He founded Crescentrating, the world’s leading authority on halal travel that has enabled travel, tourism and hospitality services across the globe to effectively connect with the Muslim travelers since 2008. As CEO, Bahardeen has led Crescentrating to become the globally recognized independent standard for the Muslim travel market. Bahardeen is also the CEO of HalalTrip, an Islamic travel guide that offers Muslims halal hotel and Muslim-friendly hotel reviews, photos and travel ideas to plan their next halal holiday. In 2015, he also launched Muslim Travel Warehouse, the world’s first B2B travel aggregator that works with operators worldwide to develop tour packages for Muslim travelers. Each package is examined by the CrescentRating team to ensure suitability.

About Traveling

“The halal lifestyle is a key component of the global travel industry.”