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Dustin Craun
Founder Salaam Bank

Dustin Craun is a writer, community organizer, an anti-racist educator and a communications strategist who has worked with more than twenty-five different nonprofit and social movement based organizations over the last twelve years in the United States, Mexico, and Ghana. He is the founder of Salaam Bank, the world’s first global banking and finance platform; and co-founder of MPower Change, a grassroots movement working to build social, spiritual, racial, and economic justice for all people. In the digital space, Craun has made a huge impact as the founder and executive editor of Ummah Wide, a digital media startup focused on stories and cultures that transcend the global borders and boundaries of the Muslim, interfaith and human family.

Thoughts on Quran

“As I read the Quran, the verses where God calls humanity to know one another had a profound impact on me as a young person.”