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  • Date of birth
    March 2, 1964 (age 58)
  • Place of birth
    Dhaka, People's Republic Of Bangladesh
  • Education
    Institute of Eye diseases named after Helmholtz
  • Company
    «Vantage Natural Health Center»
  • Role
    the owner of the Wellness center, doctor of philosophy

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Dr. Mujibur Rahman
Ph. D., owner of Vantage Natural Health Center

Dr. Mujibur Rahman was born in Bangladesh's capital – Dhaka. His father worked as a teacher and mother was engaged in home improvement and agriculture. In a close-knit family in addition to Mujibur (eldest son) had grown by another 2 brothers and 3 sisters (the difference between children of 2 years). The need to help parents to monitor the brothers and sisters laid the Foundation of a strong character boy, a heightened sense of responsibility and duty. To the 17 years he lived and studied in Dhaka. Curious Mujibur well managed in all subjects, graduating from school with honors, while managing also to play football, a lot of time to devote to reading. In 1975, at the age of 11, he enrolled in military College, where he studied until 1981, Already in the early years it has grown and matured love of medicine, strongly encourage and support parents. The father greatly influenced the choice of profession of the son, the desire to help and heal people has led admission to medical school. Due to the close relations Bangladesh and the Soviet Union (the first countries to recognize the independence of the country in 1971) 18-year-old M. Rahman managed to go to Lviv State medical Institute. Native "Alma mater" was given 9 years of hard work and study, practice and training (1982 – 1989), plus a residency in cardiology until 1993

Professional background

To raise the professional level Dr. M. Rahman went to Moscow in Institute of Eye diseases of Helmholtz, where he devoted 2 years graduate school: from 1993 to 1995. Scientific interest and desire to get acquainted with the latest achievements of medical science, relevant technologies and techniques resulting in frequent travel and trips to specialized conferences and specialized symposia. Since 1993, Dr. M. Rahman actually visited all the major cities of Asia, America and Europe, not to mention Russia and Ukraine. Moscow, Kaliningrad, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shenzhen (China) is just a small list of the cities where Dr. it was a business and medical interests. At the moment its main activity is concentrated in Pattaya (Thailand) where it opened the center of rehabilitation and treatment of many ailments by the method developed by Dr. M. Rahman.


MD, PhD, cardiologist

Personal life

The doctor has 29 years of living in a happy marriage, he had children that may follow in the footsteps of the parent. A mandatory condition for a successful marriage Dr. M. Rahman believes understanding and trust, and people appreciate openness, honesty, hard work and dedication. Politics has never worked. Still the doctor gets up at 5.30 am, his day is painted literally on minutes, however, he tries to find time for family and his favorite hobby is boating and fishing. Continuous self-improvement as the credo of his daily work, combining as business and medical area. Dr. Mujibur Rahman – owner of a successful business – Wellness center in Pattaya, but he is currently fully focused on improving his technique, examining in detail the international experience in this field and actively introduces innovations that make the program more sophisticated and geared towards specific maladies.

The principles of life of a Muslim

“Professing Islam, and respectful to followers of other religions. Their lives are considered worthy and nothing would change in the past, because he lives by the principle: Here and Now (Here and Now). Personal recipe for success is simple – the mind, focused work from the heart and God's help”