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  • Дата рождения
    June 16, 1960 (63 год)
  • Место рождения
    Village Average Ulusan Penza region
  • Образование
  • Компания
    Spiritual administration of Muslims of Saratov region
  • Должность

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Mukaddas Bibarsov.
Mufti, Chairman of DUMA

Born in 1960 in the village of Srednyaya yelyuzan', Penza oblast, in the family of hereditary religious leaders. After serving in the army, in 1981 arrived in the Islamic school in Bukhara madrasah "Mir-Arab", after which in 1987 was sent to the Imam Khatib of a mosque in Saratov, since 1992, the mufti of the Saratov region .

In accordance with the historical traditions laid down by prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), the post combines the spiritual with social and educational activities. Stands for the unity of Islam and politics. In the late 80-ies were actively involved in the democratic movement of Russia.

Трудовая деятельность

Since 1989, longtime editor of the Saratov "Muslim Herald", where he performs regularly as the author. In 1992 he was among the founders of UCC DUM of the Russian Federation.

In April 1992 facilitated the Saratov regional conference of the Islamic revival party of the USSR.

October 30, 1994 by the decision of the delegates of the Muslim public 8 regions of the Volga region was elected Head of the newly formed Spiritual administration of Muslims of the Volga region.

In April 1996, was founded in Saratov the all-Russian public movement "Russian Muslims".

Actively working with children and young people.

the Initiator and organizer of scientific-practical conferences: "Forum of Muslim women of Russia", "Russian Muslims for peace and harmony in society", "Islam is a religion of peace", "Muslim youth for spiritual and moral revival and development of society".

Scientific and journalistic studies M. Bibarsov published in numerous Russian and foreign publications, play a significant role in shaping the modern Islamic spiritual culture.

Звания и должности

M. Bibarsov is the co-Chairman of the Council of Muftis of Russia from the first day of its formation.


Awarded the order of Friendship, honorary Governor of the Saratov region.

Личная жизнь


About the behavior

“Imagine that we - fruit trees. Then only depends on us what will be the fruits: bitter, sweet or rotten.”