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Ascia Al Faraj
Founder of The Hybrids

Kuwait-basierte Ascia Al Faraj, besser bekannt unter Ihrem alias Ascia AKF, ist ein kuwaitisch-amerikanischen style-influencer, startete ein blog in 2012 genannt Die Hybriden mit Ihrem Mann.The personal style blog delivers style tips and fashion knowledge for both men and women, reaching a large audience that isn’t exclusive to the high-end fashion industry. Amassing over 1.9 million Instagram followers, the turban wearing Ascia has since garnered a reputation of being one of the most influential fashion voices in the Middle East.

Personal life

Ascia Al Faraj married Ahmad Al-Balooshi on November 3, 2011. Together they have two sons, Adam and Noah.

Thoughts on Islam

“An Islamic nation is meant to be built on the idea that what is good for one is good for all.”